The ScanImageCollector allows you to use any scan client with your scanner and then search the provided TIF or PDF files for separable codes and make them available to your ECM system or other processing systems.

Various settings allow you to set both the recognizable separator bar codes and the output format.
Decide for yourself whether you want to discard the pages with the separator barcodes or whether you want to display the first page of the document. In the case of A/P invoices, you can also choose whether to include assets in the invoice or to display them as a separate file.

Highlights of the ScanImageCollector:

  • runs in the background as a service
  • converts to PDF/A on request
  • Separating sheets are removed automatically
  • Monitors multiple scan workstations in parallel
  • Provides preparation for various ECM import modules and invoice processing such as smartFix Invoice

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