Incoming invoice entry

You receive invoices by mail and by mail, cash receipts are also handed out personally. All invoices have to be checked, recorded, filed, checked for discounts and paid on time, and may pass through several departments and many hands to do so. This costs time and space. How much easier would it be to

enter these invoices once immediately upon receipt of the invoice, including all details such as payment deadlines, VAT statement, entertainment receipts and above all: GoBD-compliant! This will significantly relieve your accounting department and the departments affected by the invoice.

GoBD compliant

GoBD – introduced by the BMF on 31.12.2014 – stands for “Principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access”.

Complete entry

From the sender’s address and account data to the exact listing of the invoice content and the payment date: Incoming invoice capture works more reliably than many an employee.

Payment deadlines

If you have your payment deadlines under control, you can save considerable costs. On the one hand, through a possibly agreed discount deduction, on the other hand, through the avoidance of reminder fees and interest on arrears.

Important things at a glance

Fast and tidy

· Space saving
· Time saving
· Capture all details in one step
· Payment deadlines under control