Personnel management – overview and convenience

Employment contract? Check. Commission agreement? Check. The next personnel interview? Check. Does the employee still have vacation entitlement? Check. A document management system for the HR department leads to clarity and convenience.
Electronic personnel files offer further countless advantages. All important data and information about your employees – from application documents, employee master data sheets, contracts, notes on employee interviews or salary statements – are available

in a structured and bundled form and can be viewed securely and from any location. This leads to immense time and cost savings. And you make yourself independent of paper – no file folders, no wasted space, no security problems.
According to § 83 of the Works Constitution Act, you are obliged to allow each employee to view his or her documents at any time. That, too, becomes much easier with an electronic personnel file.

Legal aspects

The digital personnel file – just like a paper file – is subject to clear legal regulations, because it contains sensitive data that must not fall into unauthorized hands. A document management system supports you in complying with these regulations.

Data protection

Even when electronic personnel files are maintained, it must be possible to determine who made changes to the contents and when. In addition, a differentiated rights structure must be guaranteed so that authorized persons can only access the data for which they have the authority. We can advise you on this!

General conditions

There are numerous conditions beyond data protection that also apply to paper files, such as granting your employees access to their personnel files. Please note that before digital personnel files are introduced, employees must consent in writing to the storage of their data.

Your advantages at a glance

Save space, save time!

· Reduction of paper archive
· fast file access (also across locations)
· Exact fulfillment of storage obligations
· Clear regulation of access authorizations
· Guarantee of data security and data protection regulations