Contract management – always on time

Rental and leasing contracts. Employment and loan agreements. Purchase and license agreements. The list of contracts that every company concludes is endless. Who can keep track of them all? Who always has all contract terms and important deadlines under control? Often, contracts, resubmissions and other

legally binding documents are stored with individual sometimes even in different locations. Where is the transparency? Who is responsible for missed deadlines? To keep track of your contracts, digital contract management is the perfect tool.

Protecting sensitive data

Contracts may contain information that you may not want every employee to have access to. Protect this sensitive data by archiving your contracts electronically.

Deadline control

Digitally archived contracts can be stored in such a way that no unwanted automatic contract renewal can occur. Keep control over your contracts!

Time saving

Never search again! Contracts can be quickly and easily transferred, indexed and filed. If, in addition, a full text is automatically created, the documents can also be easily retrieved via the full text search in the archive.

Your advantages at a glance

Always on time

· Cost control through deadline monitoring
· Protection of sensitive data
· Locally independent overview
· Time and space savings