Document recognition – important information captured immediately

You have an existing business software? Great! This can be usefully supplemented by automatic document recognition: Your incoming mail is scanned and automatically searched for previously defined relevant content and assigned to the appropriate data fields. Using OCR technology, the incoming document is recognized and classified fully automatically – e.g. as an invoice, delivery bill, purchase order, notice or similar. At the same time, all document contents

such as payment terms at item level and header data are extracted. This saves purely manual entry and checks the document according to §14, §13, §13b. The result? No more missed deadlines, be it cash discounts, tax deadlines, payment agreements. Simply grant access to this tool to the employees who deal with payment transactions. Deadline monitoring – another tedious task we can eliminate. And already your life has become a bit easier as well as your organization more efficient!

Time saving

Inboxes lying in high piles on employees’ desks? Gone! From now on, working time can be used more sensibly!


There used to be problems with documents ending up in the wrong place? So that employees accidentally gained insight into sensitive data? From now on, no longer an issue.


Whoever has the access authorization never needs to search again: From now on, every document is found quickly and easily.

Your advantages at a glance

Reduce data effort, increase transparency!

· no more analog processing of documents
· no manual distribution to the responsible employees
· quick access to all documents and data
· clear regulation of access rights