Paper? Paperwork? Cluttered desk? This belongs to the past.

Today, there are digital document management systems that not only make your life tidier, but also easier. No matter what department, whether purchasing or personnel, sales or administration: we offer solutions for all. Just imagine how much time, personnel and cost savings you can achieve with a comprehensive document management system! How much more clearly your company will be structured, how much faster your workflow will function – not to mention the fact that

information can never again be lost because it has either ended up at the bottom of the paper pile or even in File P! And, another advantage: digital document management systems take up almost no space, especially compared to traditional file shelves. In addition, all your information is available regardless of location, and it is much easier to file in a legally compliant manner with regard to data protection regulations. Do you need more arguments? Then find out more about our individual solutions.

Document recognition

Important captured immediately

You have an existing business software? Great! This can be usefully supplemented by automatic document recognition: Your inbox is scanned and automatically searched for previously defined relevant content and assigned to the appropriate data fields … Learn more

Incoming invoice entry

Fast and neat

You receive invoices by mail and by e-mail. These invoices have to be checked, recorded, filed, paid on time and may go through several departments to do so. This costs time and space. How much simpler would it be to immediately … Learn more

Personnel file

Overview and convenience

Employment contract? Check. Commission agreement? Check. The next personnel interview? Check. Does the employee still have vacation entitlement? Check. With a document management system for the personnel department, the work runs much better … Learn more

Contract Management

Always on time

Rental and leasing contracts. Employment and loan agreements. Purchase and license agreements. The list of contracts that every company concludes is endless. Who can keep track of them all? Who always has all the contractual terms and important deadlines under control? … Learn more


All on the same level

A workflow management system optimizes and controls your workflows. Who does what by when? That should no longer be a question with our system. We define the individual work steps in your company, coordinate the employees involved and … Learn more

Your advantages at a glance

· Optimal deadline management
· Shortened search times
· Transparency through central filing
· Improved ability to provide information and take action
· Digital contract processing thanks to workflows
· Guaranteed confidentiality through access authorizations